clickfunnel review
clickfunnel review

ClickFunnels Review

Clickfunnels was brought up by Russel Brunson in 2014 and has now become a SaaS business of 360$ million dollars. And the most impressive thing about it is that it is all self funded.

ClickFunnels founder- Russel Brunson is an experienced marketer in the field of internet. He had a significant online presence and is focussed over selling the software on many email marketing sites and winebars. Growing is 2018, this has been the fastest growing page builder used to build up the membership groups and the landing pages. Our genious guide on Clickfunnels review 2019 will help you to get in-depth idea about Clickfunnels and its features.

What is ClickFunnels all about?

As mentioned earlier, clickfunnels is a page builder to be landed on steroids. The most impressive selling point is that it is extremely easy to use. This tool is excellent as it can be used to build the landing pages, membership groups and sales funnels with downsell/upsell functionality. It comes packed with pre- made templates that can be used to customize however you see it to be fit.

Clickfunnels is used to integrate with payment processors like Paypal and stripe, making it easy for the users to make online payment for their services. This also allows inserting a custom code anywhere in the given page by which you can truly customize the landing page and could provide for checkout options such as PayPal for the customers. Different pricing points and options for the customers are provided to build right in the landing pages.

ClickFunnels is like other softwares only. One could earn money in numerous ways and click funnels will help you in achieving your goals only if you do the work. Though it is not a quick scheme to get rich, but it will help you in reaching your customers and sell a maximum of products.

Why just WordPress is not enough?

WordPress at first is really awesome. If you want to run a website strictly based on content, then opt WordPress as your go- to content manager and there is no point of working through click funnels. If you are not selling anything online or you don’t need any membership platform, just stay with wordPress being your default CMS.

But it is believed that clickfunnels contain full site choices for a builder of any niche site and you must consider it if you think you are starting outsourcing some work. If you are doing an Amazon FBA business, it is worth necessary to have a clickfunnel subscription, especially when you run traffic on your products at your own commercial website.

For the niche websites based on contents, one can set up a site for membership for the contractors so they could login to know what you expect from them while they are working on your sites. It is an important part of your business.

If you choose to sell all sort of digital as well as physical products, then Clickfunnels is worth to consider for its advanced features.

Clickfunnels and its ease to use

Clickfunnels can be regarded as a complete solution for the cost you can afford to buy a page builder. Its ability to create your membership site is truly fantastic. Membership sections can be used to various things.

One can sell his own courses as it serves as a place for link builders, editors and writers to log in and then view the briefs for what you expect them to perform once they are being hired by you. This is actually a training program for how could you run at the back end of your website business based on content.

Clickfunnels comes integrated with custom domain so you’re landing pages, custom domain, sales funnel or membership site funnels could be set up. There is a plug in which allows you to relate yourself with wordpress also, though the payments could not be made if your customers are charged for the services as they also have their own SSL requirements while accepting payments. You may start funnel at your website and host the further steps of funnel where the payments could be made at the default platform of clickfunnels.

The most lovable feature of clickfunnels is the drag and drop functionality. If you possess enough internet marketing experience, it would be quite easier for you than using the WordPress natively and can literally create the page as you look at it. No need to save it or click at the preview option to see how it appears. WordPress is okay to use for content based websites but Clickfunnels could be a powerful tool if you intend selling the membership products and programs to the customers for visiting your website. There are numerous customization options while creating a pleasing marketing funnel.

Pros of clickfunnels

  1. A variety of pre- made template for free that can be used to customize in the right way
  2. Funnels could be shared among different people.
  3. A really good support which will create video screen grabs for you.
  4. Functionality of the Membership area
  5. Can  be used for selling digital and physical products
  6. Can be integrated with Converkit and other internet providers to sell out automated mails.
  7. Cam be integrated with strip for easy payments
  8. A legitimate page builder
  9. Can be integrated into wordpress sites or custom domains
  10. Cost effective
  11. Easy drag and drop functionality
  12. E- mail integration with full market automation
  13. Conversion tracking to compare which offer could convert the best
  14. Having a comprehensive split tool for testing which will allow you to split the test at different landing pages and declare the winner

Cons of Clickfunnels

  1. If case of not using a custom domain, the URLs could be funky.
  2. Top notch support but a couple of hours could be taken to respond.
  3. If click funnels go down, your landing pages also go down
  4. It could be a bit confusing if you are a marketer of novice internet
  5. You need to spend time in learning this software.

So you could see that pros definitely outnumber the cons. Though some of the cons like URL being funky could be bit messy but it is all a personal preference. Though there are many lading page makers like Thrive Architect, etc. But I feel clickfunnels to be the easiest funnel software for designing.

With thrive architect, you need to design the pages and after that link them to the pages in sequence in WordPress. Thrive and its themes  are really lovely but clickfunnels is actually easy in use than Thrive Architect but this could add your monthly cost.

Making use of clickfunnels

  1. Table labs: clickfunnels are used to create table labs on the sales funnel. Pages such as affiliate area, affiliate page, thank you page, one time offer, order form and sales page could be built with the sales funnel software.
  2. Niche pursuits insider: clickfunnels could be used to build the sales funnel niche insider. Funnel for this purpose is similar to the table labs funnel. There are multiple steps in the sales process and finally they are capped off with the membership page and membership login. The procedure goes in the following order- optin, sales page, order form, order confirmation, member login, member area

Why to buy click funnels?

The answer to this question truly depends in the type of internet marketing you would do. Let’s take a look at the probable marketing spectrums where you could fall.

  1. Novice niche site builder: you don’t require the software here. Stay focussed on learning the basics of wordpress and learns building the website out of the scratch to get a lot of organic traffic. You should not worry about the sales or marketing funnel in any way. Once you have become the master of organic traffic art, you must start experimenting with your audience and then you could find this software to be worthwhile. Right now focus over core basics and don’t worry about next.
  2. Intermediate Niche site builder: if you have some traffic or making money online, depending on which side of the spectrum do you fall, ClickFunnels is worth it. If you earning a considerable amount of money per month, say $1000, you would have the probability to set up some membership funnel or audience group and will perhaps charge some premium as well. There are many uses of it.
  3. Advanced niche site builder: it is worth your money spent here. If you are earning more than 2000$ a month, you can be regarded as an advanced marketer. In gross, it is 2400$ an year, which will officially make you an advanced niche site builder. You may afford click funnels at that time and it could be helpful to you while building a product or offering a service.
  4. Small business consultant/ coach/ owner: if you are floating in this pool and still do not have this account, you are certainly missing out something. Being a business owner, if you want to do advertising of your own, you need a landing page with some special offers. Clickfunnels can here give you a better flexibility than any other page maker and you do not need a website to get it launched from. Most of the small business owners have a website nowadays, but if you don’t have it, no issues are there! Clickfunnels do not want you to have a website for using this software. Make use of the default URLs or the custom domains and install it in the clickfunnels integration.

The final word

Clickfunnels could give a lot of value to anyone. If by being a niche site builder you can only earn 1000$ in a month, your money could be spent better on other similar software’s that could help you to get an organic traffic for the niche websites. Anyone lying outside of this strata could only win as long as action could be taken and don’t just make it sit being a membership which goes all in vain.

FAQs for clickfunnels:

Q. Is there any tutorial for clickfunnels?

 A. yes! The tutorial could be found at

Q. Does clickfunnel work with Shopify?

A. Yes! You may go at to know the right way of doing it.

Q. Can clickfunnels be used for dentists?

A. ofcourse! All sorts of owners of small businesses can come up with solid sales funnel which can be used at other platforms of advertising for generating leads in the business. Clickfunnels have become popular within Insurance agents, e- commerce store holders, photographers, restaurant owners, realtors and among many more industries.

Q. Can clickfunnels be used with WordPress?

A. yes! As long as it will take to download the clickfunnels and install it, it is good to make the use of WordPress and make the software moving.

Q. Can Clickfunnels be used for Amazon products?

A. absolutely! Clickfunnel can be used for many FBA products and they could be self fulfilled at the FBA side. This will cut the referral fees of Amazon and every part of the sale was taken by them

Q. Which one is better- Thrive Architect or ClickFunnels?

A. this highly depends on your personal preference. Thrive architect is preferred while creating pages related to the affiliate product. But for a specific service or product related landing pages, it is recommended to go for ClickFunnels.

Q. Can click funnels be integrated with Infusionsoft, convertkit or active campaign?

A. yes, most of the larger management services of e-mail can be integrated while building the sales funnel. It will all get connected to the back end and that could be managed with the tags based on the providers of email. Your audience could be segmented accordingly with different sequences of email just as you make the collection of email addresses on site based on WordPress.

Q. How can the Clickfunnels subscription be canceled?

A. this can be done right at the back of the end interface.

Q. Can infusion soft be replaced by clickfunnels?

A. Infusionsoft can better be replaced by convertkit if you need to switch to a new service provider.