An In-depth Guide On Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs like you yourself. Clickfunnels was created so that entrepreneurs who are not actually good at programming and do not actually know how to code can build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel in order to grow their company online. The process is very simple and it works in a simple manner as well. The job of Clickfunnels is to guide your visitor’s step by step through the entire process so that they do not get confused, bored, lost and leave. It also helps you to point your customers straight to one product or service that they can use or they need the most to help solve their problem. It also will help you to easily follow up with your visitors even after they leave the page.

Clickfunnels is a very convenient web page builder that gives you every feature just a few clicks away. Clickfunnels delivers you with everything you need to build, market sell and delivers your products online. They are a very simple drag and drop web page editor system. They quickly help to build a sales funnel that converts. They are a smart shopping cart with 1 click upsells. They also have email and Facebook marketing automation. They help you keep everything organized in one place in a simply made dashboard.

Clickfunnels help you get the lead that you genuinely require. They help you generate leads that you might require to connect with new visitors. You can create simple tunnels that collect your visitor’s contact information that will help you generate new leads to follow up with again and again even after they leave your page. This is a great way to make new leads without spending money on ads. This can help you generate new followers and visitors very easily.

It also allows you to easily sell your products as well. Clickfunnels allows you to create very beautiful pages and funnels that are predesigned to walk your traffic through each and every step of the sales process and convert them from just mere visitors into actual paying customers who actually benefit from your product. Also, you can add 1 click upsells and dramatically increase your revenue per customer.

Follow up funnels are a useful thing as well. When you upgrade to Actionetics MD, you can easily connect or reconnect with your audience anytime you want. And you can connect anywhere as well using multidimensional marketing. You can send highly targeted messages to your customers anytime through the help of e-mail, social text and desktop notifications. This means that you can easily deliver targeted messages straight to your customers regardless of where they are at or what they are doing. It can be via text message or a social media message for example through messenger and Facebook.

There may be people who have doubts regarding the working the Clickfunnels, and that is totally okay. If you are not sure about how you can grow your company using Clickfunnels then you can just send them the details about what kind of company that you actually own and they can easily show you the funnel types that you should be using and they will give you the highest converting funnel templates and all of that for free.

There are many other features that Clickfunnels offer and that does not end there. There are many questions that people ask regarding their doubts on Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels does not charge you for updates even. They add new updates to their software regularly and they give it all for free. Because Clickfunnels is very much on the cloud, whenever they make an update they give it all to you and it automatically shows up in your account.

Clickfunnels is also one of the most secure funnel services out there. Your funnels will remain 100% secure as security is their top priority. They have built the company from the ground up to make sure that your funnels, subscribers and members’ area is fully secure. You do not have waste your time worrying about staying up-to-date with plugins that can easily be compromised.

Clickfunnels also does not make you do a long time commitment as well. You can make the subscription month to month and they also do not stop you from canceling anytime you want.

They also have a very good support system. Their first class support system who can answer your questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You just need to click on the support link in the bottom of any of their pages or go to

They also have a software as a service platform so when you cancel your account your data your data will also be inaccessible but you need not worry about it as before you have the opportunity to download CSV files of your contact and members and also if you want to pause your account and they will keep everything backed up waiting so that you might change your mind and come back again later.

They also will pay attention to what their people like. There are many people who have been using Clickfunnels to run their company and they know their likings and try to implement them well enough in the ideas that have been running around in the trends. They implement and integrate with the most fun and top service providers to successfully make your funnel building process even more fun.

You also do not have to download anything to work with Clickfunnels. They have created the website in such a way that your whole IT department can run from just simply clicking a button in the member’s area.

It also has a good ability to handle a lot of loads because Clickfunnels is hosted in the largest public cloud clusters in the world. They are backed up by Amazon and CloudFlare security. They have virtually unlimited ability to scale it down in real time. Whether you send a 1000 visitors or 100000 visitors you can be sure that that won’t slow them down.

All the information about LeadPages

LeadPages is an online tool that helps you to easily collect email subscribers. That is the main function of the LeadPages Company and they provide lots of Purdy templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars and landing pages in order to grow your email list. LeadPages also come with numerous templates for things like sales pages. It is a very robust tool that can be used every day.

Leadpages is not like your usual email marketing software. Leadpages login will surely allow you to gain a much larger number of subscribers but it will not help you to send regular emails to your list. Leadpages can actually be used to grow your email list and then you can use another service to make use of that list. Though the question arises that why anyone in the world would like to use LeadPages? The answer comes simple, they provide you with thousands of templates to allow you to make very high functioning landing pages and also allow you to easily send content upgrades.

LeadPages come with a lot of amazing features that you can make use of. Maybe you are an entrepreneur or blogger thinking if LeadPages is worth it. Well with the enormous list of very impressing features there can be little or no doubt in your mind after you read through this. Here are some of the best features that LeadPages can offer:

  1. You can host webinars: you can easily embed your live webinar presentation in the webinar template in LeadPages and you can also add a chat box below the webinar so that the attendees can ask questions and communicate with you while the webinar is going on. Webinar software can be very pricey but this solution allows you to do them nearly for free by embedding a live Google hangouts broadcast. LeadPages can be a great solution to get started with webinars.
  2. Sending content upgrades automatically: if you are using an email service then you might get confused about how you would send content upgrades without adding subscribers to a million lists and also paying for your subscribers multiple times. LeadPages makes this a very simple fix for it. if you need the help regarding it, you just need to create a new “LeadPage” or “LeadBox” in the website and then upload your freebie which will be then emailed to your new subscriber after they are opt-in. it is an excellent solution if you easily want to grow your list with good content upgrades. It is an excellent solution if you want to grow your list with content upgrades, but you have barely any knowledge how to figure it out tech-wise.
  3. Create opt-in boxes within blog posts: you can easily create customized boxes that your visitors can click on to opt-in to your subscription. Not only does it look really pretty but it also makes it much easier to collect subscribers without inserting weird and clunky subscription forms into your posts. You can easily make your Photoshop and can insert an image of the free checklist or worksheet they will receive if they subscribe. If you are looking for an easier solution though then you can go to LeadPages that allows you to create a clickable button right inside their software. It is very easy to use!!
  4.  You can create landing page opt-in forms: this is one of the most popular features of this website. For most people designing a lead magnet landing page on their website is difficult because then you will have to go and mess with the coding on your website and you might end up breaking something. LeadPages makes it very easy. They have about a million different templates that you can use to create and customize landing page opt-in forms. There are many places where you can use your landing pages very easily. Some of the best uses are liking it to your social media profiles, post about on social media, to use social media advertising, to use it with social media advertising and also you can use it to do interviews or guest posts and then you can send those people directly to your landing page. It does not really help you as much to send people to your blog or website. People who are directly sent your website have much more options and they might even fail in finding out what they are actually interested in and thus more often than not, they will decide to leave. So, if you are doing a podcast interview or guest post it would be better to send people to a landing page where they can opt-in.
  5. You can build sales pages: many people have still not have explored LeadPages sales page template a whole lot because they tend to design the pages themselves using WordPress. Now if you are just starting out and cannot afford to hire a good designer then LeadPages can be a good solution. They can help you easily design a classy, professional sales page. They have a million templates which are easy for anyone to customize so you will likely find something that would work well according to the preference of your tastes.
  6. Collect email subscribers through text messaging: basically, this feature allows you to have someone text a certain phrase or a specific number. They will be receiving a text that will tell them to respond with their email address and once they do that, they will be instantly subscribed. This has a number of amazing uses such as getting people to opt-in if you are speaking at a conference or getting people to sign up at brick and mortar shops. There are as well some downsides of using text messaging such as it will make it tougher for people who are not in the same country will be having difficulties using it. You should not use it as the main method of gaining subscribers but it is still a very amazing feature to try out by LeadPages.

LeadPages vs. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels and LeadPages free are both very powerful websites and applications that can easily generate more lead and make more money from your traffic. While both of them keep sharing some common features it is important to know which one of them suits your needs better. Clickfunnels is an all-in-one sales funnel software that lets you easily manage everything from lead captures to sales all in one combined platform, whereas LeadPages is a specialized landing page application. Below we have compared some features of both Clickfunnels and LeadPages and we are going to showcase their similarities as well the difference that they might possess. Out of both these online marketing applications, if you are searching for landing page and sales funnel software then you can read on below to find out which one fits your tastes the best.


Clickfunnels and Leadpages have pretty much several features that they share in common but they also have a number of features that differ from each other. Both of them are there to help you to easily create great landing pages, collect names and email addresses that follow up via email and SMS.

The biggest difference that comes between the two applications that come is purpose:

Clickfunnels is an all in one easy to use sales funnel application that lets you create landing pages and send emails with autoresponders. It also helps you process sales and host events from within one application.

LeadPages is a dedicated landing page builder application that can make it easier for you to design conversion optimized landing pages and lead capture forms for ease.

Clickfunnels has a very simple to use drag and drop landing page builder that is aimed at everyone starting from very experienced marketers to very much the beginners. Creating a landing page is very much as simple as dragging a headline, subheading, bullet points, image, and other elements onto an empty canvas.

Using the landing page builder in Clickfunnels, you can add custom elements like a countdown and auto-playing the video to your landing page. They have a very clean UI and that helps beginners a lot in this era.

Leadpages is built around PPC campaigns goal pages, the ability to add an exit pop-up to your page and other features that marketers interested in raising their conversion rates will find these features to be very useful. Leadpages include a very huge amount of landing page templates all of which are optimized for both desktop and mobile. It also includes two-step opt-in forms that you can very much use very easy to generate leads from the blog posts articles and also other on-page content.


Here were a detailed description and comparison of both the applications. You can choose the one that fits you but both the software are great at what they do. There are also many Clickfunnels and LeadPages alternatives available as well.